marketingindabaIn a world where online marketing is creating new opportunities every day Kevin was invited to address a global conference and speak about his unique experiences drawn from leading some of the world’s iconic brands combined with his experience of founding and building market leading eCommerce companies.

The Marketing Indaba is a global conference and exhibition which takes place annually in Cape Town and aims to inspire, inform, focus and connect the marketing and advertising community. Speakers are carefully selected from an international directory of qualified professionals and are expected to update on the latest industry trends, inspire with fresh ideas and cut through the clutter to focus on what is important in marketing.

Explaining the continued validity of coherent brand architecture whilst emphasising the value creation offered by the careful integration of an offline and online marketing strategy, Kevin was able to demonstrate with clear examples the opportunities available. Disconcertingly the audience was able to Tweet immediate feedback on the speaker’s efforts.

@MarketingIndaba “Great presentation by Kevin Gaskell, totally inspirational.”
@MarketingIndaba “Really enjoyed Kevin Gaskell and his fab case studies.”