Kevin was invited by the Volkswagen management board to address the brand’s major retail investors and to share his experience of building retail networks which achieve market leading customer satisfaction and sales performance.

Calling upon his extensive experience in developing extraordinary performance at Porsche and BMW Kevin focused on the key drivers of retail success. He shared his lessons of achieving clarity of vision, developing a clear plan with supporting communication and recognising and rewarding individual but aligned creativity.

Kevin expressed his view that difficult economic conditions can be turned to the advantage of the retailer by shortening decision times and driving cost out of the business. Customer relationships are key and low cost systems are available to ensure every driver is treated as an individual with features and benefits designed and provided for their specific needs.

In respect of leadership, Kevin shared his observation that many employees are overworked but underutilized and that people get smarter the more that they are challenged – as long as that challenge is constructive. Key employee surveys show time and again that high potential individuals seek challenge and therefore great companies should seek to create leaders at every level and then release them to contribute towards a clear, shared vision of success.