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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Exploring with Marco Polo

marcopoloThe organisers of the prestigious Marco Polo Lecture series, which are held throughout Asia, invited Kevin Gaskell to address a VIP audience of industry leaders in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is a country which has enjoyed an average of over 6% annual GDP growth for the past 30 years and remains enthusiastic to learn from experienced business and commercial leaders about the processes and skill necessary to continue that growth.

Kevin was invited to speak about his experiences of building a world class company. To share his knowledge of what it takes to ensure a company has a clear vision and an aligned team. Using practical examples and instances from his broad career experience Kevin was able to show the industry leaders present what it takes to drive constant and positive change whilst also enjoying the journey. The positive response from the audience clearly demonstrated that many of the tools and techniques discussed resonated strongly with those present.

Masterclass – Building a World Class Brand

bmwKevin followed his keynote with a masterclass for 50 corporate leaders where he shared his experiences of rebuilding great brands such as Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini in the automotive sector. Using practical examples he discussed how brands develop and how long term value enhancement is achieved. He helped the audience to appreciate how the brand positioning within its market segment affects the product perception and long term profitability.

Kevin was able to provide the attendees with practical tools and processes to conduct a brand audit and devise a brand development strategy for their own business.

Malaysia Productivity Corporation

The annual Asia Productivity and Innovation Conference is the premier event organised by the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) attracting delegates from the whole of Asia.

Kevin was invited to follow the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and deliver the opening keynote address to 3,000 delegates at the Kuala Lumpur International Convention Centre. The theme of the conference was ‘From ideas to reality’ and Kevin shared his approach to the creation of new businesses and the regeneration and transformation of companies in difficulty.  Kevin focused on is core themes of Commit – building a corporate vision of success, Connect – using inclusive management processes to involve the whole team and Create – achieving apparently magical results by ensuring complete alignment of every member of the team.

Don’t get cold – sprint to the North Pole

north-pole-trainingKevin will, once again, put his planning and organisational skills to the test as he prepares for his next adventure challenge. He and his son have set themselves the challenge of a sprint to the North Pole in April 2013. This sprint approach – three weeks from start to finish – will test their ability to travel fast and light and overcome whatever the hostile environment can throw at them as they seek to reach one of the world’s most remote and extreme places where temperatures can reach minus 50C.

As they move into the final six months of their training and preparation their usual training of run, gym, run, gym … has been supplemented by the classic ‘arctic tyre sledge’ hauling. Designed to imitate the exercise of pulling an 80kg sledge over large blocks of ice three tyres are pulled for a few hours up and down the hills near their home. Teamwork and passion – supported by a good dose of very hard work – should ensure that they are ready for the challenge.

Welcome aboard – Fairline Boats

fairline_picKevin joined the board of Fairline boats in January 2012. He was involved in the development and implementation of a new product, manufacturing and distribution strategy. Kevin described it as “Porsche all over again – great fun and very challenging!”.

To date the new crew have charted a very positive course. Rebuilding the brand values and team confidence has led directly to improved customer relationships in the most difficult economy anyone can remember. The management and workforce have done an excellent job and the new boats are now coming to market. It is always very exciting to see a turnaround plan beginning to work. See Fairline Boats Ltd.