north-pole-trainingKevin will, once again, put his planning and organisational skills to the test as he prepares for his next adventure challenge. He and his son have set themselves the challenge of a sprint to the North Pole in April 2013. This sprint approach – three weeks from start to finish – will test their ability to travel fast and light and overcome whatever the hostile environment can throw at them as they seek to reach one of the world’s most remote and extreme places where temperatures can reach minus 50C.

As they move into the final six months of their training and preparation their usual training of run, gym, run, gym … has been supplemented by the classic ‘arctic tyre sledge’ hauling. Designed to imitate the exercise of pulling an 80kg sledge over large blocks of ice three tyres are pulled for a few hours up and down the hills near their home. Teamwork and passion – supported by a good dose of very hard work – should ensure that they are ready for the challenge.