tesOver the past year Kevin has been working with the Springfields Academy in Wiltshire, UK. The academy is helping children aged 11-16 who have suffered in extreme situations and who need very special support and care if they are to become positive, contributing adults. The results have been amazing with the school being recognised as the national 2012 ‘Overall outstanding school of the year’. The leadership team’s focus and patience has to be seen to be believed.

The skills of some of the team have been highlighted with Deputy Principal James Lynch photographed for the front cover of the Times Educational Supplement, a magazine with a global reach of 7.5M readers. There are no prizes for guessing what the previous job of this kind, gentle giant was but he is an extraordinary member of a team who demonstrate an absolute clarity of purpose and share a real vision of success for the academy. Kevin has been invited to join the team and demonstrate how to bottle the magic that this teaching team create and to share it with other schools all over the world. .