KG-may-blog-photo-1Two weeks ago I stood at the geographical North Pole – the roof of the world.  With me were my son Matt and my sisters Jayne and Clare.  Matt was standing next to me; Jayne and Clare were there in spirit and in the photographs we carried with us.

It was Jayne who had inspired Matt and me to walk to both the North and the South Poles, although she never knew it.

Jayne died of cancer eight years ago leaving behind a devastated young family. I vowed to discover how treatment could be enhanced so other brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, parents and children might not have to suffer the loss of someone they loved.

The specialists told me that a Monoclonal Antibody Unit would help other sufferers.  I became totally motivated by the objective of providing that unit by raising the funds needed. I’m proud to report that the generosity of sponsors who have supported our expeditions has funded the unit and it is now providing treatment to thousands of patients.

KG may blog photo 2As leaders we want to encourage our team to give their best. To do this we need to understand what really motivates each and every individual.

It is often not the obvious rewards, such as money, although this may provide short term results. For the team to achieve extraordinary results leaders need to look deeper, to identify why and how each team member can be inspired to aim for their own Poles.

Good leaders can create a team spirit and guide the team to a result. Great leaders can create the culture and environment that encourages each team member to look deep inside and be inspired to achieve the extraordinary.

What inspires your team members – and what inspires you?