trekyThe CEO of a major company asked me how he could drive growth in his organisation, “I’ve tried everything,” he said.

“Really? Everything? Including the crazy ideas?” I replied.  “How brave have you really been in exploring your business from every angle?”

We were in a conversation with his global colleagues about the importance of driving challenge and change through their organisation – not just from time-to-time, but regularly.  My point was that it is not about market share; it’s about opportunity share.

The earlier new opportunities are identified and the bolder action that is taken and the faster the organisation will rise above the competition.  For many leaders the tried and trusted or a slightly better version of what is familiar is more comfortable than tackling something completely new.  Unfortunately, clinging to the comfort zones will not achieve the change needed to win new opportunities.

Outstripping the competition requires:

  • Bold and enthusiastic leaders who think beyond their existing business model
  • Leaders who are ready to seek out and embrace new market trends, new technology and new possibilities
  • Leaders who recognise the innovators and beat them at their own game
  • Leaders who are willing to explore the question ‘If we started our business today, how would it differ from the one we’ve got now?’

Moderation doesn’t win competitive edge; that requires curiosity, creativity and courage.

Brave and successful leaders give their teams the power to act, the encouragement to be creative and permission to break the rules.  These leaders reward free thinking, innovative ideas and enterprise.

As Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise said it’s important ‘to boldly go where no man has gone before’, simply because the farther into the future you go, the fewer competitors you’ll find.  Then you really will be a leader with a galaxy of new opportunities.