Big bang change processes don’t work.  Change that is sustainable has to be gradual and continuous.  Big bangs simply generate resistance, resentment and, sometimes, revolutions.

The secret of change is that everyone who will be involved in achieving the change must understand not only what the vision of success looks like, but what the values are that underpin it.  This isn’t a quick fix; it’s a slow, but powerful process that depends on a 360 examination of the principles, values and beliefs that will create the organisation culture.

When the direction has been set, communicated and understood every member of the team needs to start living with that vision front and centre.  Every action must be aligned with it and every interaction congruent with it.

The leader is critical in ensuring that the organisation makes the changes needed.  You can’t tell people what is to be achieved and expect results unless you are seen to be taking action yourself.

These means you never walk past a problem – take a moment to deal with it.  If you see litter pick it up, if something is a safety hazard move it (or ensure it gets moved), if there’s friction between departments talk to the team leaders and help them to smooth away the cause of it.

Get engaged with the people in the organisation.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re a cleaner or a senior manager, stop for a few words, share an idea, smile and engage with them.  Get to know them and let them get to know you.

If you don’t set the example every day in every way, how can you expect the rest of the team to support them?  Never ever compromise the values you aspire to and you’ll find the team will follow your example and you will create leaders in every role at every level.