I build businesses in phases. In our companies we have developed the 1000 Day Plan™ which we use to visualise, prioritise and expedite. The plan raises the heartbeat of the business, lets each team member see where they make a difference and coordinates activity. It is simple but very effective and I now use the toolkit to help my masterclass and strategic workshop clients to accelerate change in their business. We also apply the 1000 Day Plan™ to get a fast start in our new companies.

Just 1000 days ago I was asked for support by a young graduate who had some fresh ideas for ways to use her artistic training combined with the skills of local artists to improve internal communication within businesses and other organisations. Her challenge was to create a business and to put her ideas to work. She had no previous commercial experience; but she did have a clear vision of success and was supported by a strong mentor and co-investor. My role was simple… coach and catalyse!

Now 1000 days on the business is highly successful, clients include the blue chip brands Diageo, Radisson, Anglo American and Standard Bank. The business has provided employment to artists and others and the CEO has been recognised as one of the Top 40 women in MICE South Africa. The company has grown in exactly the way an entrepreneurial business should – quickly, with stumbles, corrections, laughter and determination. Conceptual Eyes is now a leading player in the conference, business strategy and communication sectors.

Now it’s time for the next phase. We are building the next 1000 Day Plan™ to move to the next growth curve for the company. The beauty of this second phase is that we are now using Conceptual Eyes developed tools to build and communicate the new plan. How efficient and exciting is that!