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Author: chrisd

Communication is everything

Kevin visited the Netherlands to work with the leadership team of Liberty Global Inc at their annual leadership meeting in the Netherlands.

LGI are one of the world’s largest cable companies with 21,000 employees providing essential communication to over 20 million customers. The brief was to motivate a very bright team of people working in a fast changing technology environment to understand that the opportunity to out think and out manoeuvre the competition exists but needs to be implemented. Kevin was invited to share some of the tools and techniques which he has developed to assist in rapid response to a transient environment.  A number of the managers have followed up with Kevin after the event and Kevin has provided individual coaching to support their management processes.

Seeking the truth – identifying the traces of success

Kevin was invited to address over 400 members of the leadership and management team of LGC, one of the world’s foremost scientific services companies.

LGC is looking for opportunities to grow on its historical success and to understand what it takes to transform a business from good to great. The management team entered into enthusiastic discussion of a number of the points raised by Kevin who was delighted to be able to contribute to new thinking and the identification of the processes and approaches which will allow the company to achieve even greater success.

David Richardson, Chief Executive of LGI commented, “The reaction from our leaders has been exceptional – many have commented that Kevin set just the right tone and launched a very successful day. We particularly appreciated the way in which he tailored his comments towards our issues, and also the very practical management tools he suggested. Some of these are already being put into use by our people”.

Wise counsel for the Oracle

oracle-wide-300x83Oracle, one of the world’s most innovative technology companies, has invited Kevin to share his ideas and experiences of creative leadership at their forthcoming EMEA Leadership Conference.

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DCKG feeds the Olympians

Juliette Haigh & Rebecca Scown – Team NZ – at DCKG sharing the fun
Juliette Haigh & Rebecca Scown – Team NZ – at DCKG sharing the fun

Kevin backs young entrepreneurs Ryan Wasmuth and Tom Harvey.

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Kevin invited back by the Prime Minister of Malaysia

Following his highly successful work with The Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) in 2011, Kevin has been invited to return to Malaysia in October 2012 to support the development of the MIDA operation and the coaching and support of the next generation of Malaysian business leaders.

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Driving for change with VW

Kevin was invited by the Volkswagen management board to address the brand’s major retail investors and to share his experience of building retail networks which achieve market leading customer satisfaction and sales performance.

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Laying tracks at GIBS

Kevin was invited to support the management of Transnet in the launch of a period of extensive investment and change.

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Kevin mobilises Traderoot Technologies

Kevin Gaskell has been appointed to the role of Chairman of Traderoot Technologies (Pty) Ltd. Traderoot is a strategic eCommerce company that licenses advanced eCommerce business solutions specialising in mobile payment and lifestyle banking solutions.

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SaaS – Speaking as a Service

aigsKevin shared a number of examples from his leadership career and from his current roles where a framework of simple processes and tools are used to encourage responsibility and achieve results.

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Old Mutual targets new individuals

oldmutualFinding different ways to refresh financial services offerings and attract new clients requires a different approach. FTSE 100 company Old Mutual invited Kevin to address their 400 senior group executives at their executive retreat in Rome with an emphasis on developing creativity and fresh thinking.

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Marketing Indaba

marketingindabaIn a world where online marketing is creating new opportunities every day Kevin was invited to address a global conference and speak about his unique experiences drawn from leading some of the world’s iconic brands combined with his experience of founding and building market leading eCommerce companies.

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