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“His presentation was totally authentic allowing our selected high potential team to really see and feel what it means to be a visionary, inspiring leader.”


“I thought Kevin was quite simply inspirational. I loved the fact that he was still down to earth despite his obvious success. I thought the message he gave could be adopted and implemented into any business…”

“We were completely in awe of your presentation! Your delivery is quite unique in that you relate so comfortably with the audience and you have ‘truly lived’ every moment of each experience. I have heard many speakers who have presented about their experiences but have lacked your ability to articulate from your heart”

“Thank you for making our leadership conference so special. The response from the audience was sky high! You are world-class, yet humble, and you make people feel as though anyone can achieve what they set their minds to be. What a gift! Thank you, thank you.”

“Kevin was a breath of fresh air, truly inspirational. He focused thoughts for the rest of the conference and beyond.”

“Motivational, thought provoking and inspiring, our people are still referring to Kevin and his ideas…”

Kevin in action“…just to say that Kevin Gaskell was absolutely superb and one of the best speakers we have ever hired. Thank you…”

“Kevin certainly stole the show yesterday – absolutely brilliant was all that I heard…”

“Never ever have heard such a passionate speaker, gives you energy.”

“Top notch, inspirational brilliance, great ideas, great story…”

“Inspirational and valuable – just great!”

“Rated out of 100, you have been scored at 96 by over 300 delegates which is higher than I have ever seen.”

kevin-speaking1“There is so much we have learned from your experience and you have my most sincere and personal gratitude for the work you put into our presentation.”

“Absolutely mind blowing, motivating and genuinely inspirational man.”

“Truly amazed by what he’s gained through a combination of determination, clever thinking and simple common sense. Great guy.”

“Inspirational speaker with great content, ideas and humility. If there was a higher score available he would get it. Completely compelling.”