Kevin Gaskell is an extraordinary leader who led iconic brands Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini to unprecedented levels of success. A corporate trailblazer, serial entrepreneur and world class team builder.

As a CEO, chairman and founder Kevin has enjoyed huge success in sectors including data, technology, manufacturing, brand marketing and professional services. He has repeatedly led teams to achieve extraordinary performance in companies ranging from 7 to 7,000 employees. Such flexibility and adaptability has confirmed his position as an extraordinary and inspirational leader. Passionate about the development of leadership skills he is frequently sought to reinvigorate teams and companies.

A highly motivational and engaging speaker, he believes that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results – and he has the experience to prove it. Typical topics include:

  • Leading ordinary people to extraordinary success
  • Dealing with the digital challenge
  • Preparing for change, overcoming fear
  • Leading in times of turbulence – and enjoying it!
  • Building a world class brand
  • Customer service – no alternative to world class

These keynote speeches have inspired teams to achieve results and successes that they never previously believed were possible. Typical client testimonials include:

Absolutely mind blowing, motivating and genuinely inspirational.”
Inspirational with great content, ideas and humility. Completely compelling.”
Kevin could come again and again. He was brilliant. Superb, motivating and relevant.”
Exceptional. Wow. Best speaker I have ever listened to.”
I can apply so much that he demonstrated to my own business.”
Totally awesome and inspiring. Amazing … the perfect leader!”