kevin-speaking2The attributes of a successful leader include passion, honesty, tenacity, determination, resilience, commitment, clarity of thought, intelligence – and a big dose of common sense! In the optimum situation these attributes are supported by effective business processes and enhanced by personal communication skills.

Achieving a high level of personal leadership and influence is not easy. These skills can be learned through experience or, more efficiently, can be developed through highly effective programmes designed to support senior teams through periods of challenge or uncertainty.

Learning from experience

Kevin has been recognised as one of the most capable leaders of his generation. An international sportsman who was trusted with the crisis command of Porsche GB at the tender age of 32. He has led multi billion pound global organisations and has founded companies with just a good idea and a telephone.

This has seen him recognised in a number of ways including as one of ‘the UK’s top 40 leaders under 40’, to chairing the ‘best UK private equity investment of the year’ and as a founder of award winning start-up companies.

He is a rare blend of ‘Captain of Industry’ and serial entrepreneur who really has been there and done it in businesses both very big and very small.


Meet the very best of the very best

Kevin is passionate about helping leaders to become successful. Together with a small group of world class coaches and facilitators Kevin has created The Inspiring Leaders Group, a unique opportunity for clients to learn from the very best of the very best.

Through The Inspiring Leaders Group (TILG) Kevin and his team have created the opportunity for clients to experience the principles and practices adopted to achieve outstanding results. If you need to review a business unit to drive improved performance, define a clear strategy and 1,000 Day Plan™ for implementation, lead through a critical phase or develop a team to take the business to the next level the TILG experts can provide support and assistance.   

Each member of TILG has been carefully selected for their skill in driving improved performance. To become truly world class requires focus and a level of expertise best gained by exposure to similar challenges. The TILG team are highly experienced in encouraging dramatic and substantial improvements in leadership skills and the development of the winning mindset necessary to succeed.

If you feel that you would like to substantially improve the leadership mindset and performance of your organisation just complete the contact form and we’ll call you back promptly.