Take your business to the next level

kevin-portrait1The challenges of the market are continuously changing. How do you stay ahead of the next business disruptor? How do you grow in a shrinking market? How can your team achieve a step change in their performance?

Kevin has specific experience of successfully leading companies through difficult and stressful situations. He has personally led the rejuvenation of international brands and led teams to achieve outstanding performance at many companies.

If you need help:

  • To improve the results you get from your team
  • To restructure your organisation, planning or communications
  • To improve focus and flexibility to address today’s business environment
  • To deal with critical situations and institute positive growth
  • To perform scenario planning and apply positive change

then speak to Kevin and discuss how you can use his real life experience to inspire your team to understand what is possible – and how they can achieve it. Or invite him to work with you through a pragmatic masterclass where together you will build an approach to reviewing your business and addressing the opportunities that you face. Or ask him to conduct a strategic workshop with you and your team to review your business, identify opportunities, define your priorities and build with you 1000 day™ plan to take your business to a new level of performance.

To take the first step to a new level of performance contact Kevin now to discuss how he can help you to achieve your goals.


Life at the top is challenging

Your role as the leader of your team means you are responsible for providing focus, vision and setting the goals to be achieved, not to mention being held accountable for them being achieved. As business changes constantly, staying up to speed can be quite a task and it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations.

When you’re the one who is leading the team it can be tough. When you have a knotty problem or a difficult decision, who can you go to for advice or to provide a sounding board?

As someone who has achieved a high position you will know only too well that it’s not all plain sailing. Change requires strength of character, commitment and determination – and any business that doesn’t change will be left behind, so it’s not a choice.

Finding a mentor or the right kind of support can be difficult as the people who have the experience are usually very busy running a company somewhere. Many business coaches don’t have the personal experience of leading a big organisation or being part of the senior management team.

If you want:

  • A mentor who really understands the challenges of leadership
  • A sounding board to explore ideas and work through the challenging issues
  • A means to make your job easier and your organisation more profitable

Then contact Kevin now to discuss how he can help you to develop your skills and grow as a leader.


Chief Executive Support

Get the expertise of a top flight CEO

If you’re facing challenging and unforgiving markets the focus can be on reducing costs, cutting back, improving efficiency and effectiveness. All of these are good for the organisation, but can be a difficult mountain to climb for the leader.

Whether your role as a CEO means keeping the organisation on an upward path or the business needs substantial change to survive, sometimes it’s hard to see things objectively. Being able to consult with someone who has been through similar situations successfully can make a huge difference.

Kevin offers a unique set of skills. He has led three of the world’s iconic automotive brands to astonishing success, turned around failing international companies and built market leading international businesses from just a good idea. He really understand what it takes to build a world class team and lead them to levels of success that they had perhaps not felt was achievable.

If you choose to work with Kevin you’ll be getting a practical, success-focused CEO coach to help your business to achieve extraordinary results. This definitely doesn’t mean replacing you as CEO, but enhancing your skills, honing your focus and helping you to achieve.

Kevin acts as a non-executive director to a number of carefully selected organisations and as a mentor to a few chosen CEOs. If that sounds like something that will give your business and career a significant step up please get in touch and discuss with Kevin what your aspirations are.

Leadership Development

Developing your leadership capability

When it comes to personal development it is always going to be ‘work in progress’ and honing your leadership skills will be demonstrated in the results you get. Being able to mesh management and leadership will make you a really valuable member of the senior team, but these skills need to be learned and applied in a way which creates positive results.

Working alongside a mentor will give you the focus, guidance and support you need to keep stepping up and improving the outcomes you can deliver as well as your career progression. You wouldn’t have attained a senior position without considerable ability and polishing existing skills will enhance your value to the organisation.

Mentoring isn’t coaching – it’s working with someone who has already been where you are at present and has the experience, knowledge and skills to help you to:

  • Develop sound operating plans
  • Make good quality decisions
  • Be creative in helping your department deliver on the corporate objectives

Kevin has the background and experience to really help senior managers to shine. You’ll find he has a pragmatic approach based on facts, not just theory, and you’ll benefit from his wide experience as a successful senior manager in several organisations.

To find out more please complete the contact form and Kevin will call you for an exploratory chat.