I have given many, many presentations to groups as small as 12 and as large as 4,000. Through painful experience I have seen what works and what doesn’t. To get the most out of your event – and to minimise stress for all of us – I’ve put together this list of requirements.

Please do read it and follow it. Clarity works for everyone and I will present on this basis only. (Download as a 2 page technical rider PDF – 262kb, or along with 3x hi-res portrait images as my mediapack – 7mb .ZIP file)

  • I will be introduced using my written introduction
  • I prefer not to use a podium – I may use one for a formal address after discussion with the conference organiser but this is rare.
  • On stage I need: a laptop projector, screen, courtesy monitor, visible clock, water.
  • For any group of more than 40 people I will need a wireless Lavalier clip-on tie mic or earpiece mic with a belt pack. A wired or handheld mic will severely compromise my presentation.
  • I use Microsoft PowerPoint and may include videos which are available in MP4 or WMV format. I will provide both formats.
  • My PowerPoint slides are provided in 16:9 aspect ratio ONLY.
  • My slides must not be embedded into another slide master or conference slide deck (as this always corrupts the files).
  • I am prepared to use my laptop or your AV team’s equipment. If using my laptop I will need a power supply and an audio out cable (2.5mm jack).
  • I use a wireless slide advancer and am happy to use my own or your AV team’s equipment.
  • To ensure your audience get the best possible performance I would like to complete a technical check at least 2 hours before the presentation. This typically takes 30 minutes.
  • I am happy to take a Q+A session after speaking. Experience tells me that this needs careful moderation for it to be worthwhile.
  • Slide copies are not available for distribution except by prior agreement.
  • In NO circumstances should slides be distributed in advance of the presentation.
  • Video recording of the event is by prior agreement only. Such recording is not available for sale or distribution except by prior agreement.

If you have questions or wish to contact me before the event please email me at: kevin@kevingaskell.com


“I would like to introduce our guest speaker. Let me begin with a few questions…

  • Would you like to talk premium brands with someone who has been
    Managing Director of Porsche, Lamborghini and BMW?
  • Would you enjoy listening to the secrets of someone who has created over
    £1 billion in shareholder value by leading 4 world class brands to record
    growth – and then walked away to test himself as an entrepreneur and built
    international companies from ‘just a good idea’?
  • Or would you prefer to listen to adventures of climbing the world’s highest
    mountains and walking to both the North and South Poles?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions then you are in the right place. Our speaker has achieved all of those goals and more, but still found time to play international cricket and make music in a rock band. Kevin Gaskell is recognised as one of the finest leaders of his generation, responsible for inspiring teams of ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. He is here today to share with us his approach to achieving world class performance.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kevin Gaskell…”

Download the above information as a 2 page technical rider PDF (262kb)

Download mediapack – 7mb .ZIP