I set out to be a Civil Engineer and worked in the construction industry on a number of high profile projects before exploring another path. Four years in management accounting gave me an excellent understanding of the numbers that make a business work.

A job ad in the Sunday Times and a passion for cars, grabbed my interest and I joined Porsche. At 32 I was offered the MD’s role and spent the next five years rebuilding the brand.

My track record includes leading the iconic brands of Porsche, Lamborghini and BMW to record results. I’ve founded and created international businesses and led management teams in companies seeking new success.

I’ve been fortunate in being able to share my learning from many platforms, speaking at events and mentoring leaders to inspire their teams. I deliver a practical approach, with tools and techniques that provide the framework that can be applied in any business.

And, of course, there are my other activities - adventuring, raising money for charities close to my heart and pushing the limits.

Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results - I’ve proved that with teams over and over again.


Just for the record, these are some of the companies I’ve led, rescued and invested in.

Smarter Britain (current)
New venture designed to inspire the next generation of British entrepreneurs and to support the creation of new businesses. Provides a one stop solution to access to advice, mentoring and funding in a structured and simple form, Smarter Britain is targeting to support 1,000 new businesses in 1,000 days.

Inspired Leaders Group (current)
Leadership development and coaching for business revitalisation, keynote speaking and the delivery of World Class Performance for client businesses.

ITS Technology
Fibre network provider. Major development from local communication provider to leading national telecoms business. Owner of the Faster Britain brand. Winner of 2021 Best Connectivity Provider UK, 2021 Full Fibre Innovation Award.

Amber (current)
Innovative technology solution that enables clients to improve safety communications and culture. Start up to market leader in 2 years. Afrisafe Shining Star winner 2021.

iCaaS (current)
Data security and compliance platform. Ensures GDPR compliance and supports the use of data to gain competitive advantage. Start up to market leader in 1 year.

Conceptualeyes (current)
Creative agency specialising in corporate internal communication ensuring that the implementation of strategy is delivered and understood throughout an organisation. Finalist entrepreneur of the year South Africa.

Traderoot Technology (current)
Major development of strategic fintech development company offering solutions across the entire value chain of financial systems, ranging from e-commerce payments to core banking and issuing. SA ecommerce Business of the Year.

Ryan Alexander Associates (sold)
A pioneering team of landscape engineers who partner with leading garden designers to turn inspiring designs into remarkable outdoor spaces. Start up to UK Supreme APL Champion in 6 years.

Fairline Boats (sold)
Major turnaround and brand revitalisation of one of the UK’s premier motor yacht builders. The business was led from 10 years of losses to profit within 14 months.

Big Team (sold)
Professional market research platform. Enabling the collation of data on client demographics and applying the results to the creation of follow-up campaigns. Bought by Mailchimp. Winner Startup Innovation award EMEA.

Achilles (sold)
Global provider of supplier risk services. Data driven insight provides users with a more secure, sustainable and better performing supply chains. Winner Sunday Times Fast Track Award.

Motoriety (sold)
Online assistant for all aspects of private vehicle ownership providing one point interface with car dealers, repairers and services.

EurotaxGlass's (sold)
Integrated 31 companies to create the world leader in automotive data. The business was the creator and curator of vast amounts of data covering all aspects of motor vehicles.

Epyx (sold)
Technology solutions enabling the procurement, servicing, repair, hire and sale of motor vehicles bringing together manufacturers, contract hire, leasing companies, repair and service networks through e-commerce and authorisation systems. Grew to 90% market share.

Led four years of record growth, repositioned brand, rebuilt team. Revenues +80%, profitability +500%

Lamborghini GB
Reinvigorated the brand, transformed customer focus, developed new product strategy. From failure to profit in 3 years

Porsche GB
Led company from near bankruptcy to become the UK’s most profitable car company. From customer satisfaction brand #32 to #1