Catching Giants

Most small businesses believe they can’t compete with large corporations. They don’t have the resources, budget, experience or skills – but we have proved that isn’t true.

Along with four other extraordinary men I set out to take on the top performers, Olympic athletes and the toughest environment. Despite our lack of skill and resources, we applied innovative approaches, business savvy and pure, single-minded determination.

This book demonstrates how it’s possible to triumph over seemingly impossible odds.

Catching Giants is due for publication on 28th April 2022. You can get a special bonus bundle if you register to purchase on publication date.

Inspired Leadership

I wrote this book to share the proven methods I’ve applied over and over again. From when I rescued Porsche from near failure and turned it into one of the most profitable car companies in the market to founding a string of internationally successful enterprises, some of which I’m still working with today.

Whether you’re a big brand in need of inspiration or a new start up with big dreams, this guide to inspirational leadership will give you a powerful resource for navigating the leader’s role.