Inspire your leaders

Having achieved more than every ‘Dragon’ (with the possible exception of Peter Jones) I have been hands on in business for more than three decades. With a reputation for turning round world class brands, I believe you can rescue a company in 100 days and turn it into a hugely successful enterprise in 1000 days.

I’ve used the same techniques of inspired leadership to transform businesses and to create successful teams to overcome some of the world’s toughest environments - the Artic, Antarctic, unforgiving mountain summits and the Atlantic Ocean.

A speech needs to do much more than simply engage the audience - it needs to energise the audience to take action. Information is interesting; Inspiration gets results.

If you want to give your audience a shot of pure inspiration, combined with a wholly practical approach, let’s talk.

The keynotes

Every speech is tailored to the client’s needs, but the most popular keynotes are:

Inspired leadership in a challenging market

  • Inspire the desire for change, build belief
  • Generate shared ownership of the plan, make the impossible possible
  • Differentiate market share vs opportunity share
  • Dare to dream, motivate, create genius thinking
  • Establish the culture of inspired leadership, sustain success

Inspiration and energy for high performance teams

  • Stimulate the team to seek world class
  • Turn off the autopilot, dare to dream, be better then bigger
  • Motivate genius thinking, prioritise, focus and implement
  • Encourage a culture of innovation, recognition and engagement
  • Achieve extraordinary results, sustain long term success

Building a world class brand

  • Recognise the intrinsic value of the brand, challenge and adapt
  • Differentiate customer’s needs vs demands
  • Determine brand attributes, ensure relevance to market, achieve pull vs push
  • Build shared ownership, implement 360 degree brand evolution
  • Inspire continuous progress and development

For more information or to discuss your event please contact Michael at Speaking Office on +44 (0) 7970 170 848