Becoming an adventurer was more of an accident than an active decision. Growing up in North Wales there was always a mountain there to be climbed. It wasn’t long before I was looking for bigger challenges.

After my sister lost her battle with cancer I saw a way to do some good in her memory - while tackling the physical challenges I was looking for. I have helped to fund a new cancer treatment centre and worked with Alan Chambers MBE to develop Extreme Classrooms™ to make a difference to vulnerable teenagers.

My son, Matt, has accompanied me on many of these adventures walking to both North and South poles, climbing many of the world’s highest peaks and, most recently rowing the Atlantic, along with Will Hollingshead, Sam Coxon and Chris Hodgson. We spent three years preparing for this challenge and in just under 36 days rowing 2,671 nautical miles (3071 land miles) - two hours on, two hours off. We set a new world record - beating the previous record by 23 hours.

This won’t be my last adventure - there’s always another challenge to tackle.

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