This fine art project in Bath just shows the fine lines between bringing the inside out. Lots of glass from the bi-fold doors allows us to achieve this very thing.

Used as a Family Room, games room and Yoga studio with this inside-out living space.

Use: Family Room, games room and Yoga studio
Size: 8m x 3m

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Redland, Bristol

A smaller unique purpose built space to fit tucked away in the customers garden. Creating extra space at home doesn’t need to be complicated. With a smaller yet effective space its practical and easy. A modern and sleek build just what Andy wanted for his new at home office studio.

Use: Office Studio
Size: 3.5m x 3.5x

Clifton Wood, Bristol

A project completed in the heart of Bristols City Centre. It was a joy creating this space in our customers beautiful town house garden.

A multi use room for socialising with friends and family. The beauty of these bi folds allows for the great British weather , you have the choice to open fully and embrace those warmer days by creating the social hub in your own back garden or shutting off from the world and having your own time and space to simply relax.

Use: Multi Use - Social Space / Office
Size: 5m x 3m

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Stoke Bishop

What if your commute was only as long as your garden? That’s the question Barbara asked herself before contact Design Garden Spaces to design and build her a new garden office.

A garden office is a perfect solution for anyone who works from home. Not only do you get the benefit reclaiming all that time you lose to commuting, having an external workspace allows you to increase productivity, minimising typical household distractions. Many home workers struggle to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day — as working from home can make it feel like you’re always at work even you are supposed to have clocked off! The great thing about a home office is one the day is done, you switch off the light, close the door and can forget about work until tomorrow.

We finished this contemporary home in a style that compliments the customer’s many tropical plants.

Use: Office
Size: 4m x 3m


DESIGN – it’s the silent ambassador of our brand.
A project completed in Portishead on the outskirts of Bristol. A Modern and minimalist look for our customer finished with anthracite grey bi folds and windows with a neutral interior.

A calming space to perhaps take some time out for yourself or a multi functional room to host when friends are over. With the addition of including composite decking which allows the eye to draw you in to the social space for our customers to enjoy with family and friends.

Use: Additional Room / Family / Office
Size: 5m x 3.5m

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Longwell Green

The customers approached Design Garden Spaces to see how we could revolutionise their back garden. Their medium-sized outdoor space featured decking and a shed, both of which had started to look weathered with age. Their fencing was beginning to go the same way as well.

We completely redesigned the space, fitting new fencing which not only looks the part, but is safe and secure. The tatty shed was replaced with a long-desired summer room taking centre-stage. With a modern exterior and bi-fold doors it has become the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day. Our friends at Bristol Artificial Grass provided the attractive new artificial lawn.

Use: Social/summer room
Size: Built in the corner of the garden – 5m across the front elevation, triangle shape.


We know that working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. While you skip the morning commute, the price you pay can be constant distractions from family members and the temptation to procrastinate.

That’s why we offer our bespoke home office service. We designed and built a stylish and versatile garden office that is the perfect place to take a Zoom call in peace. The office is well insulated so it can be used throughout the year and contains all the mod-cons you’d expect from a normal office. Plus, in the evenings or weekends, the space can double up as a music room, art studio or even a tranquil place to practice yoga.

Use: Music room/ Office
Size: 4m x 4m

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Longwell Green, Bristol

We love it when our customers get creative with their garden rooms! The customer approached us to design and build him a summer house that also doubled up as a pub, absolutely perfect for 2020s lockdown.

Finished in gorgeous red-stained larch that contrasts brilliantly with the matte black aluminium doors, this contemporary looking structure will be the source of decades of happy memories, parties and more.

Use: Bar
Size: Built bespoke to the shape of the garden give a 6m front elevation, 4m one end to 1.7m the opposite end.


You don’t need a massive garden to install a garden room. We have plenty of solutions for people who want a smaller garden structure. These options are popular with keen gardeners who want to maximise horticultural space as well as those with less available outdoor space.

This chic design blends in nicely with the continuous fence along the back wall and is a great option for those with a garden of a modest size typical to much of the UK. This versatile space is the perfect spot to work from home, teenagers to chill out in and could even work as a place for overnight guests to stay.

Use: Games room
Size: Built bespoke into the shape of the garden.

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Ashton, Bristol

The client came to us with a challenge. While he needed a home office space, he didn’t want to sacrifice the outdoor storage provided by a typical garden shed. Our solution? A secret door that is the perfect place to discretely store garden furniture and equipment over the window. This was complemented further with a continued overhang to the right – perfect for sheltering waste bins or other items from the rain.

We finished this sleek build in glorious, natural cedar which works fantastically with the anthracite-grey aluminium doors. The doors can be left open to blend outdoor and indoor space when the weather allows.

Use: Office combined with storage shed
Size: 6m x 4m